Meet my assistant,
Baylee arrived in Florida at 13 weeks old.  She has adjusted well to the Forcino Resort and Doggie Spa and is enjoying life with Jeff and me.
Those of you who knew Gabriella know Baylee has a hard one to follow, but she seems to be up to the task.  She is already getting into everything and keeping me on my toes.  Open a drawer, and in she goes.  Everything is a game for her and she loves checking out new things.  She is completely fearless and will most certainly test my training skills!
Baylee already had her first bath and grooming session and she handled it surprising well.  I really thought I was in for a battle, but she behaved like a pro.  That doesn't mean she enjoyed it, however.  In this photo, she appears to be begging Jeff to save her.
Hey, what's this?!  Maybe a bath can be fun, after all!
And look how pretty I am now!
It is so wonderful to have a little companion with me again!  Gabriella is sorely missed and can never be replaced, but we believe this little girl will \be  a new chapter for us.  So many of you were such a comfort to us when we lost our precious Gabriella and the outpouring concern was something we'll always remember.  So, it was only fitting that we shared the joy of our new little girl with you.  I hope you enjoyed meeting Baylee.  I think she will bring lots of fun stories and happy times.
It's been almost 5 years now since we brought Baylee home and she is certainly a part of the family.  She has grown into quite a lovely adult, although she is the perpetual puppy.  Well, that's what Maltese are famous for so we're happy about that!  She is well behaved and well loved, although she is the most tomboy of all the girls I've owned.  She certainly keeps things lively.
Bad hair day!
All dry and pretty again.  Baylee was about half grown in this photo.
She loves everything and only wants to play.  That includes lizards.  Poor things get a bit roughed up, although she just wants to carry them around as her playthings.  Gross!  Don't worry - she didn't hurt him.
And yet, heaven forbid she gets the least bit of stick or leaf in her fur on her walk.  She will fling herself on the ground and refuse to move until the offending item is removed from her royal fur!
The offending twig is removed and life is good again.  Off she goes.
Baylee enjoys at least one walk a day, sometimes more.  She only has to take her leash to Jeff or me, and she gets her way.  How can we resist?
Baylee has many adventures on her walks, especially when she meets her friends.  Pickles the pug is one of her favorites!
Of course, on those days when it's simply too wet to allow a white pup out, Baylee gets her ride in the car.  Oh boy!!!
Baylee likes to drive.
This past summer, we took Baylee up north to visit family.  She had a great time on the airplane and loved all the attention.  Here, she helps my mom with the daily chores.
When she has an overload of energy, I take her out roller blading.  She loves it and runs as fast as I can skate and that's pretty fast!
When she isn't outside, she loves to watch outside and keep an eye out for her buddies.  Jeff built these steps and window platform for her.  She loves it!
And when there isn't much going on in the front, there is always the back where she can keep an eye out for dolphins, pelicans, lizards and the like.
Yep, she has the life and knows it!
Then, there's always her toys and beds.  And my things that she loves to collect and put into her bed!
Oddly enough, she doesn't bother my bears and only plays with her own toys.  Good girl!
She still hates to be wet and will bury herself in the guest room pillows until I get out the hair dryer.  Then she flies off the bed and hops into my lap, all happy to get warm and dry again.  Can you find her in there?
Drama Queen.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my little helper.  I promise more to come.
Dedicated to Gabbie, my first little helper who is waiting for me across the Rainbow Bridge 
A ride on the bicycle is an all-time favorite activity.