I am deeply saddened to report that on December 21, 2006, my best furry friend Gabriella crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  So many of you delighted in her stories, and it's with a heavy heart I must share her passing with you as well.  Although she weighed a mere 5 pounds, her loss leaves a hole in my heart the size of the ocean. 

The studio is so quiet now, and she will be sorely missed.   Although I handled every aspect of my bear business myself, she was my full-time helper.  Most of the time she was a gentle and well-mannered soul.  That is, until I let my guard down.  Then she was off and running with a pattern piece or some other vital part of bear making and the chase was on!   Now, I see you asking yourself, "How was that a help?"  She kept me laughing and that made for a very happy bear maker.  She was my greatest inspiration and I often patterned a bear using her beautiful face as my model.

Although she was with us only for a short time, I have undying gratitude to my dear husband Jeff who presented me with this most precious of God's creatures for my birthday.  We loved her with all our hearts, and we tried to give her heaven on earth.  I believe we did well.  Goodbye, Punkin Pie.

In Memory of Gabriella
2002 - 2006
High in the courts of heaven today
A little  Angel waits.
With other angels she will not play,
She sits alone at the gates.
"I know my mistress will come," says she,
"And when she comes, she will look for me."

The other angels pass her by
As they hurry toward the throne,
And she sees them with wistful eye
As she sits at the gates alone.
"I know if I just wait patiently,
Someday my mistress will come for me."

Her mistress, down on earth below,
Sits quietly in her chair.
She forgets sometimes and whispers low
To the pup who is not there.
The little Angel cocks her ears
And dreams it's her mistresses' voice she hears.

When at last her mistress waits
Outside the dark and cold
For the hand of death to open the door
The leads to those courts of gold,
She will hear a sound through the gathering dark
Her little Angel's bark.

Post Script:  The following year to honor her memory, a new Studio Helper arrived and took over duties for Gabriella.  Although she is Gabriella's polar opposite, Baylee does her job making me smile and I believe Gabriella approves.  You may meet her Here.