I promised several of my long-time collectors that I would do a better job of entering contests.  This year,  I was able to keep my promise and I created a special bear that I entered in the TOBY and Golden Teddy Awards competitions.  I was thrilled to learn that she was chosen to compete in the Golden Teddy Awards! 

I get requests quite frequently to post a photo of myself so people can put a face to the artist. Since I am not a fan of studio photos  (especially the glamour ones where I would look nothing like my real self)  I am limited to having my dear One and Only as my photographer.  I thought it would be wonderful if I had a lovely photo of myself holding Baylee Bear.  That wasn't one of my better ideas!  It's bad enough that I'm not photogenic, so the following examples should make it crystal clear why I normally don't have a good photo to post!  :

A Day In The Life Of A Bearmaker
(Married To Jeff)
Nice camera angle.
And that's why I never have a picture to put on the website.  Oh well, you can see Jeff and I have a lot of fun even if we don't always get our chores done.  But after all, having fun is the most important thing!
I hope you enjoyed peeking into a day of my life!  And now, here is my entry Baylee, named in honor of my newest studio helper.  She was designed and dressed to appear as thought she were about to have her portrait taken at the beach. She wears an all-white outfit complete with sailor cap and an antique US Navy locket. Her romper is made of embroidered cotton with a large collar and ecru ribbons. She holds a beach ball created of sage and ivory silk.  Baylee Bear now proudly resides in a private collection and is the pride and joy of her new owner. 
Now, a good photographer is adept at making his subject smile pretty for the camera and captures the best likeness possible.  Making someone laugh to the point of tears is not good photography!
The man behind the camera (and the laughs), my husband Jeff.
It's usually a good idea to tell your subject when her hair is sticking up!
Oh yes, this was a good idea.