After Cathy and her husband moved to Florida to enjoy the sunshine and beaches, she decided to begin a new career and in 2000 she created her first bear.  To her delight, she discovered a magical world full of wonderful bear lovers and she's never looked back.  Today, her bears reside in collections all over the world.  She never imagined her work would bring smiles and happiness to so many people, and never takes for granted the joy she brings through her bears. 

Cathy has been featured in Teddy Bear & Friends and was honored with two Editor's Choice awards as well as several Ursa awards among others.  She won Second Place at the Florida State Fair in 2009 and First Place in 2010.  Not a fan of "glam" photos, she tries to use candid shots in her promotions.  That doesn't always work as you will see below.

I have been blessed with amazing parents whose love and support has always been unconditional.  To my mother, I owe my bear making career.  It was her unwavering faith in my ability that gave me the courage to make my first bear.  I placed the fur on the cutting table, and it must have taken me several hours to get up the nerve to make my first cut.   Mom was convinced I had talent and it was her idea that I try my hand at bearmaking.   Without her gentle coaxing, none of those wonderful faces would have ever been created.
Thanks, Mom & Dad!!!

~ Meet The Artist ~
For the past 25 years, I've been fortunate to share my life with a most wonderful man.  He has supported me 100 percent in my artistic endeavors, and is always there for me with his encouraging words.  I can always count on him to uplift me when I need it, and best of all, I can count on him to make me laugh.  He's my knight in shining armor, my best friend and the love of my life. 
Thanks, Jeff!!!
A Personal Note
From the initial design and drawing to the final stitch, all work is done solely by Cathy. All of Cathy's bruins "bear" a family resemblance, but each design is unique and will never be duplicated.  You can be assured that your bear will be a One-Of-A-Kind.  Cathy prides herself on meticulous attention to detail and honest craftsmanship.  She uses only the highest quality materials in her work to ensure they will withstand the test of time to become future heirlooms.  The most important quality to Cathy is a bear's "Face."  She believes a teddy bear touches our hearts through its expression and she spends countless hours sculpting, stitching, waxing and clipping to bring out that special character in each face.  Working mostly with mohair, Cathy also creates unique bears from tapestry, vintage wool and embroidered silks. 

Giving her business over to God, Cathy strives to maintain the highest ethics both in business and in her personal life.  Her goal is to always be aboveboard and fair, and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.  Realizing that purchasing one of her bears is a luxury, she is humbled whenever someone chooses one of her creations for their very own.

Passionate about all things old, Cathy often draws inspiration from a vintage item of clothing or an antique toy. She uses 100-year-old techniques as well as a few modern improvements in her art.  A purist at heart, Cathy even sews all her bears on antique Singer Featherweight sewing machines.  She says the old Singers give her the old-timey feel that inspires her.
The picture below will take you to the photo shoot!